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Out of the Divine Darkness has emerged the Ravenangel, testifying in the Holy Spirit as to the Mysteries of God," Truth has come to you, O Earth, in the person of Jesus Christ who has revealed in himself the truth of divine reality and authentic life" (1 John 5:20). "God is love, and whoever lives in love lives in God and God lives in that person" (1John 4:16). The love that is God, Divine Love, has created all things out of itself in its Parent aspect as Divine Nothingness. That which is primordially and eternally begotten is Divine Being, the Child aspect of God. Divine Being is the expressivity of God as Love. The Holy Spirit is the primordial and eternal process of the creative Will to Love in which Divine Being stands out of Divine Nothingness.
Because God is Love, the Will to Love that is God's Spirit seeks to process into that aspect of Divine Life in which freedom of choice is a possibility, Finite Existence. Real Love is a matter of free choice, not force or demand. Only free choice can bring true fulfillment in the Divine Life.

Because God is Love, there is free will inherent in finitude. And, this free will is possible as a result of the relationality that comes with Finite Existence. We have the choice of being true to our divinely created essence, Love, or betraying our true selves with the consequence of producing a world of evil, suffering and death. Tragically, Finite Existence has fallen into a myriad of perverse expressions contrary to the true life of Divine Love.

Love is the essence, the very nature of Divinity. Divine Being, the Christ Child of the Equiprimordial Divine Parent, Divine Nothingness, is this eternal Will of God in its expressivity as Love. All Existence and Life in its primordial essence is the creative expression of Divine Love. The Body of Divine Being, Cosmic Christ, is Existence as the creative finitization of Infinite Love. Divine Being is that primal, eternal process in which Infinite Divine Love becomes incarnate in finite beings as the Children of God.

We are all children of the universal war between Divine Love, Christ, and everything that is contrary to the Love that God is, Antichrist. To be a finite being is to be a participant in this cosmic conflict.

Hell is existing without Love, while Heaven is living in the Spirit of Divine Love. Heaven is true life, Hell is mere existence and the Lie of Life. Both Heaven and Hell are experienced qualitatively in degrees as we rise closer to God or fall far away from Divine Love. The story of Fallen Creation is the saga of the Prodigal Child seeking to find its way back to its true home.

Divine Being in its suffering state of Hell and Antichrist torment is the Cosmic Crucified Christ (to which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ points to and participates in). The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the signal event for Earth that historically indicates and manifests the healing, transfiguring and resurrecting power of Divine Love throughout the Cosmos.
Testimony of the Ravenangel

Ravenangel declares,"Test the spirits to see whether they are from God or from Antichrist, the Lord of Lies. Test the spirit, the belief, the doctrine and the scripture itself to see if it is inspired by God or Satan!" Because God has revealed through Jesus Christ that Divine Reality and True Life are Love, then, we are justified in saying that any spirit that testifies to the Love that God is has been sent by God.

Any spirit that does not testify to the truth that God is Love is false and is of Antichrist. Consequently, any religious or philosophical statement, view, doctrine or practice that does not testify to and manifest the Love that God is is false and is inspired by Antichrist. Finally, in whatever religion or philosophy Divine Love is testified to and practiced, there the reality of Christ is manifest.

God is love (I John 4:16). Because God is love, God will never cease reaching out to heal and transfigure the lost children, the lost sheep of the divine fold (Luke 15:3-7).
Ravenangel's Prophecy

Copyrighted@2003, Michael Sean O'Brannon